HyperText Markup Language Information


New standard for HTML

HTML5 is the fresh and new standard for HTML. It is a ubiquitous platform for web found to be more useful for the mobile web developers, enterprises with specific needs and individuals, who love playing games in web.

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Release HTML5

HTML 5 is one of the newer standards in the field of web designing. It is the successor of HTML 4.01, which was released in the year 1999. There are so many additional features in the upgraded version and almost all the modern browsers support them.

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HTML5: Features and advantages

Website designing and development is one important part of online businesses and there are many languages and frameworks for developing a site. One such language is HTML, Hyper Text Mark-Up Language.

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Differences of HTML4 and 5

HTML 5 is the upgraded version of the previously used language HTML 4.1, which was introduced in the year 1999. There are many differences when comparing the newer version with its precursor.

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URL Substitution: A Hypothetical Solution to the Back Button/Bookmark Problem

I've talked about Ajax before, and I'm going to start talking about it more now that I'm working on a personal project revolving around it. So that means I'm going to get pretty technical here, feel free to skip these entries if you're not interested in that.

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