Google Calculator Service

Google changed the (wretched) HTML they send, so the previous version of the script no longer works. I’ve updated it in place, so just download it again and replace your old copy. It sure would be swell if they provided an API for this.
I’ve long held the opinion that the Google Calculator is the most mind-bogglingly useful thing in the history of the world. That’s why I’ve written a Konfabulator Yahoo! Widget Engine widget and a command-line tool to access it. I haven’t bothered with Y!WE in a while, though, and I don’t always have a terminal window open for the command-line tool. I thought about writing a Dashboard widget, and maybe I will someday, but even that wouldn’t be ideal.

No, what would be ideal is to select a block of text, hit a keystroke, and have it be automagically converted to its result. If that doesn’t scream Mac OS X service, I don’t know what does. So I present exactly such a service, made possible by Jesper’s fantastic ThisService.