Benefits of Windows 8

windows8-logoWindows 8 which is a successor of other versions in windows has paved a new path to the modern world. There are many distinct features and differences between windows 8 and other versions. Here some differences are encountered. Windows 7 which is the last version makes the users a huge bound. Windows 8 has the fast lighting boot up time where as windows 7 failed in it.

The time to boot up with windows 8 is just ten seconds where as in windows 7 it is about 48 seconds. This is a great enhancement for windows 8. The desktop appearance is completely new with windows 8. The shortcut keys were changed and made a tile view which can be customized by the user. The main thing is tiles not only open the menus but also give the intimation about the application.

Then the key difference is that applications are automatically closed. If any multi task is carried out, windows 8 automatically closes the unwanted wizards. This manages the computer when the speed is low. Windows 7 only burns the image into a DVD. But, windows 8 help to mount the image in the system itself. Virtual drives cannot be created in the windows 7 whereas windows 8 can create the virtual disk. The main adorable thing in the windows 8 is it is secured with a inbuilt anti-virus.

This antivirus is associated in the kernel of the operating system. This prevents the system reboot when a corrupted file is opened or USB with malware is plugged in. Up gradation to any version is also possible. These are some impressive differences between the windows 8 and other versions. Here this article bring out the distinct enhancements made in windows 8 which makes the user to feel better in operation and usage.