Mozilla open source software

Mozilla-softwareMozilla is an organisation built solely for the web browsers. It is dedicated to drive the web forward to a new level. Mozilla also keeps its advancement open to everyone. Everything that Mozilla does is open for consumer’s discretion. Mozilla is involved in the marketing and development of numerous products, which are available as open source software in online market. Firefox, Firefox OS, Marketplace, Persona, Thunderbird and Webmaker are some of the products that have hit the market already. Firefox is a free, non-profit browser for mobiles and desktops. Firefox OS is the newly emerge open operating system for mobile devices. Marketplace provides the platform which is solely concerned on the creation and distribution of apps.

Thunderbird provides its user a safe, fast and easy e-mailing experience unlike Gmail. Persona is focussed on providing its users a better way to sign in to websites or surf through the net. Webmaker allows its users to make something amazing with the web. All these products are open source software available to all. These products have so merged with the day to day life of a normal person that now it’s not possible to separate them.

Mozilla provides open source software under Open Source Initiative program (OSI). Mozilla grants a world-wide, royalty-free and non-exclusive license to each person who wishes to download open source software of Mozilla. It is termed as Mozilla Public License (MPL). Open source doesn’t just mean that access to source code is available; it must also comply with certain criteria. The criteria are free redistribution, Derived works and modifications made possible, Integrity of the Author’s Source code, no discrimination against persons or groups or fields of endeavour, distribution of license, license must not be specific to a product and not restrict other software and license must be technology neutral.