Computer security

computer-securityComputer security is one of the major issues in wide applications of the network. Cloud computing Security is the network based security system to have proper access. There are various security problems in the cloud computing. Some of them are loss of control, lack of trust etc. Data, applications, resources, are located with provider. User access controls, security policies are managed by the cloud provider. Computer security ensures data security and privacy, resource availability, monitoring and repairing of resources.

Policy languages are used to minimize the lack of trust. Standard languages are agreed by both the users for representing SLA’s. Policy language must have some properties. Some of them are machine understandable, easy merge, validation tool to check the policy. Certification is also ensured for the proper authentication. It provides assurance for the consumers, risk assessment etc. Monitoring, utilizing different clouds, access control management are the attributes to minimize loss of control. The internet is a dangerous network in which vulnerabilities are developed. Fermi lab is a useful target with high network bandwidth and publicity value.

Defense in depth is one of the strategies in the computer security. This has several features which include Controls and auto blocking, Mail virus scanning, Strong Authentication, Critical System plans, Critical vulnerabilities, Proper response to computer security incidents ,Intelligent and intimated user community. Other policy issues are Data backup, Incidental use, Privacy, Offensive material, Licensing etc. Fermi lab is one of the best strategies used in government sites. This certifies the software to be used. Any unlicensed software is violated from use. There are various activities to be avoided. Some of them are illegal, Prevented by Lab or DOE policy, Embarrassment to the Lab, Interfere with the performance of job, Consume excessive resources etc. This article provides detailed notes about the various policies and strategies of the security system.