Open office software

openoffice-logoIn this modern scenario, the working environment is modernized as everything is computerized. The need for storage has become simple with the new arrival of software. Open office is one of the working platforms which contain word processor, spreadsheet, graphics, database management etc. This software was formerly started by Sun Microsystems and Oracle. The default file format of the open office document is Open document format. This is ISO/IEC certified software. This supports all file formats and can be installed with any type of operating systems. This also supports about 120 languages. There are many versions available in the open office with the many added features. This software is more compatible, safe, simple, reliable, free of cost and easy to use. Open office version1 was released by Sun standards.

This supports a new feature like One-click export to Portable document format and can export presentations to flash format. Open office version 2 came to the market in 2003.This is a great success with high performance, low memory usage, high speed etc. This software is enriched with report creation, SQL server and improved usability. Inside the version 2 there were many up gradations which were released in a short duration. Open office version 3 was launched n 2008 to support various formats. This supports Mac OS, VBA macros, Postscript-based open font etc. This also enhances user security and the document integrity. Open office version 3.4 came to market under the apache license. This flourishes the sale of open office with the encryption options and enhanced security. The latest version with this software is version 4. This is to be provided by IBM and Lotus Symphony suite. This article gives the complete history of open office. This also entitles the various versions of open office and added features with various versions.