Free Software Foundation fiercely attacks the Microsoft's Windows 8 launch

Mozilla-softwareThe Free Software Foundation has alleged that new windows 8 operating systems by Microsoft are not only full of technical glitches but also invades their privacy, controls user data and restricts the user freedom. They have even started a full flagged campaign against Microsoft.

The Free Software Foundation supported showed up at the official launch venue of Microsoft’s windows 8 at New York City, raising media attention to their campaign during the launch party. The basic philosophy of the nonprofit organization FSF is that the proprietary rights given to the software restrict the user’s freedom. The spokespersons of Microsoft declined to comment on the campaign launched by the FSF.

During their demonstration at windows 8 launch venue, the FSF raised three potential issues regarding the dangers of Microsoft’s proprietary operating system. Their first objection is that widows 8 as the proprietary software is designed to control the users. The operating system doesn’t allow the users to see the original codes and understand how it is built or works and thus Microsoft can use this operating system to exploit their user.

Providing the detailed explanation for their first allegation, the campaign manager Libby Reinish said that the fundamental objection was the proprietary nature of the software. And the closed source of this proprietary propriety software could be a serious privacy and security risk for the Windows 8 users as you never know what is going on behind the scene. The user restriction to see the source code, modify or distribute them is a clear manifestation of their compromised right to freedom.

Secondly, the FSF alleges that Microsoft openly claims the right to inspect the user’s hard drives through software such as Windows Genuine Advantage. They claim that Microsoft violates user privacy by gathering user data and other private information.

Thirdly, the FSF alleges that Windows 8 records sensitive user data in a contacts cache and thus makes them vulnerable to identity theft besides itself using the data for commercial gains.

In their bid to join more people in the free software movement, the FSF distributed free DVD copies of open source Linux operating system named Trisquel. They encouraged the potential Windows 8 users to shift to the free operating system.