Website design optimization tips

Believe it or not but your search engine optimization actually starts with the design of your website. There are several basic things that should be considered before deciding on the layout of your website.

Choose programming language wisely. First and the most important thing you should consider before doing anything else is the language you want your website to be in (by language we mean the programming language that the website is going to be written in). Nowadays there are many languages to choose from including HTML and PHP just to name a few. Of course, for most of you that means absolutely nothing and its normal because your web developer should be the one worrying about that. Unfortunately, most web developers like large complicated projects (which of course will make them more money) and they tend to overcomplicate things by turning your small website into the next Travelocity or Yahoo, at least on the proposal.

The truth is, in most cases you don't need most of the advanced features they will offer, unless of course you are building a large portal or a web directory where you absolutely need power of PHP to perform required tasks. If you are need your website to display information about company and you are not looking to build a large website then HTML language is perfect for you. It is the oldest and it's 100% crawlable by all spiders. Don't ever build a website completely in Flash, although it might look great and be very interactive, Flash is NOT crawlable by any search engine spiders and that will completely destroy your efforts in search engine optimization. W3 is a great source for information about different web development languages.